Nail Salon Logo Set

Nail Salon Logo Set

This design package includes everything you need to brand or rebrand a nail salon business. (It can also be adapted to other beauty centered businesses.) It includes multiple Logos & Icons, an appointment card, loyalty card, price list, & gift card designs as well as a number of social media assets such as post templates & more. This package is extensive!



Any business that centers around looking good need's to look good! This extensive & gorgeous kit includes everything you need to be business-ready. This is the perfect solution if you want beautiful, cohesive brand design quickly, inexpensively, & without using an agency. Inspire your potential clients to trust your taste levels by being a brand that has it together & looks elegant, professional & polished.  The design focuses on elegant strokes & a typography pairing of a classy serif font type with a clean non-serif font. I designed this package to be simple enough to have mass appeal and to be easy to adapt to your target market. Make it pop by using strong, fun & vibrant colours or keep it subtly seductive with earthy tones. See examples of how you can do both with this package in the below images and video.

  • At a Glance

    • Logos
    • Marketing Collaral
    • Social Assets
    • Graphic elements
    • Website Add-on available
  • What You Get


    This is a full list of the digital design files you receive when you buy this package.

    Logos & Alternatives

    Primary Logo (Arched text)

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Alternative  version without arch

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Alternative version horizontal layout

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Text only Horizontal

    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Black

    Text only Vertical Stacked

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Text only arch

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Circle lock up alternative

    • 1 x Black on Colour
    • 1 x White on colour
    • 1 x Black on white version
    • 1 x White on Black
    • 1 x Black on transparent background
    • 1 x White on transparent background


    Note: The Website is an optional  add-on.

    A tailor made Wix website. To get you started, I handle everything!​ Just provide me with the information I need & I will:​

    • Set up your Wix account & transfer ownership 
      Check here for Wix price plans for the cost of hosting your site on Wix. (Approx £6 pm)
    • Connect your Domain
    • Add all your services to the design (& any other text you need to add)
    • Add and/or replace any images with your own
    • Link to all your social media accounts
    • Make tweaks to the design

    About Wix Websites
    Wix websites are easy to customise, update & maintain so Once I have added all your images, video and text it will be easy for you to maintain yourself.

    Find out more about Wix websites at

    Icons, Graphics, & Website Assets

    These are the goodies that all come together to create your designs. You can use these again & again across all your branding & marketing materials to keep your brand looking & feeling the way you want it to as you continue to grow your business. Use & refer to these whenever your creating something to advertise and promote to maintain the consistency that in turns grows your reputation & brand visibility. They will save you tons of time & effort sourcing & creating icons, images, & graphics that look right together.

    If your not planning on purchasing the website add-on but you do intend to use a website builder (like wordpress, Wix or Squarespace) to build your own own website then these assets will help you turn your chosen template into something that feels a little more personal & help you stand out from your competitors.

    1 x Branding Reference board to help you roll out your branding.
    Contains All the Colour Information (Hex/RGB/CMYK) and font information used in the branding package.

    11 Icons (Designs can not be changed) + 1 set of 11 social media Icons:

    • Foot
    • Closed eye & brow
    • X 4 hand Icons (In various positions/placements)
    • Family business badge (Text can be changed)
    • Megaphone Icon
    • Gold Circle
    • Falling coins Icon
    • Calendar icon
    • 11 Social media Icons
    • Plus curated free background images and elements on Canva to create your social media posts with ease

    Marketing Collateral

    2 Business Card Designs
    (Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)

    Text logo design

    • 1 x Complimentary colour
    • 1 x Second Complimentary Colour

    Primary logo design

    • 1 x Complimentary colour
    • 1 x Second Complimentary Colour

    Social media assets

    • x 2 Facebook header image
    • Facebook profile photo
    • 5 Instagram highlight images
    • A pre designed Canva template of 7 Instagram feed posts
    • A pre designed Canva template of 7 Instagram story posts


    1 loyalty card design
    (Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)

    1 price list design

    1 Gift Card design
    (Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)

  • Please Note

    • This is a digital product only. You will not receive any physical items.

    • Custom alterations (such as adding design elements, changing fonts etc ) may incur an additional charge. These should be discussed before any payment is made.

    • Add ons and more time extensive changes to the design can be requested. These will incur a charge. Please add details of any such requests on the personalisation form so I can address them when I get back in touch.

    • For Vector based design files, all fonts will be converted to outlines

    • Please allow for slight variations in colour depending on output (printer, monitors, etc) & layout (Tweeks may be made to allow for changes in length of text)
      Therefore please take care when approving the proofs.

    • This is not an instant download product. Once we have received your order we will customise the logo and send the first watermarked proof to you within 2 business days.

    • You will receive one round of revisions to your logo after the initial proof is sent to you.

    • You will receive PNG, JPG, PDF and EPS versions of each logo.

    • This is not a one-of-a-kind logo and will be resold.

Pre-Order Form
Special pre-order price of $20!
Limited edition colors available.




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