Floral Logo Design

Floral Logo Design

Set of 6 Logos and 4 hand drawn floral elements. This set is ideal for personal branding. It includes elements that can be used both together and separately to produce a number of designs without looking repetitive. It's feminine, sophisticated, organic and clean.


    This is a full list of the digital design files you receive when you buy this package.

    Logos & Alternatives

    Primary Logo (Arched text)

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Alternative  version without arch

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Alternative version horizontal layout

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Text only Horizontal

    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Black

    Text only Vertical Stacked

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Text only arch

    • 1 x Black
    • 1 x White
    • 1 x Colour version

    Circle lock up alternative

    • 1 x Black on Colour
    • 1 x White on colour
    • 1 x Black on white version
    • 1 x White on Black
    • 1 x Black on transparent background
    • 1 x White on transparent background


    Note: The Website is an optional  add-on.

    A tailor made Wix website. To get you started, I handle everything!​ Just provide me with the information I need & I will:​

    • Set up your Wix account & transfer ownership 
      Check here for Wix price plans for the cost of hosting your site on Wix. (Approx £6 pm)
    • Connect your Domain
    • Add all your services to the design (& any other text you need to add)
    • Add and/or replace any images with your own
    • Link to all your social media accounts
    • Make tweaks to the design

    About Wix Websites
    Wix websites are easy to customise, update & maintain so Once I have added all your images, video and text it will be easy for you to maintain yourself.

    Find out more about Wix websites at Wix.com

    Icons, Graphics, & Website Assets

    These are the goodies that all come together to create your designs. You can use these again & again across all your branding & marketing materials to keep your brand looking & feeling the way you want it to as you continue to grow your business. Use & refer to these whenever your creating something to advertise and promote to maintain the consistency that in turns grows your reputation & brand visibility. They will save you tons of time & effort sourcing & creating icons, images, & graphics that look right together.

    If your not planning on purchasing the website add-on but you do intend to use a website builder (like wordpress, Wix or Squarespace) to build your own own website then these assets will help you turn your chosen template into something that feels a little more personal & help you stand out from your competitors.

    1 x Branding Reference board to help you roll out your branding.
    Contains All the Colour Information (Hex/RGB/CMYK) and font information used in the branding package.

    11 Icons (Designs can not be changed) + 1 set of 11 social media Icons:

    • Foot
    • Closed eye & brow
    • X 4 hand Icons (In various positions/placements)
    • Family business badge (Text can be changed)
    • Megaphone Icon
    • Gold Circle
    • Falling coins Icon
    • Calendar icon
    • 11 Social media Icons
    • Plus curated free background images and elements on Canva to create your social media posts with ease

    Marketing Collateral

    2 Business Card Designs
    (Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)

    Text logo design

    • 1 x Complimentary colour
    • 1 x Second Complimentary Colour

    Primary logo design

    • 1 x Complimentary colour
    • 1 x Second Complimentary Colour

    Social media assets

    • x 2 Facebook header image
    • Facebook profile photo
    • 5 Instagram highlight images
    • A pre designed Canva template of 7 Instagram feed posts
    • A pre designed Canva template of 7 Instagram story posts


    1 loyalty card design
    (Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)

    1 price list design

    1 Gift Card design
    (Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)



How are personalisations and changes managed after I choose a design?

When purchasing a Canva or Wix template you will have instant access to the design. Upon purchasing the design, you will be prompted to download a pdf file containing a link to your file and instructions. If you are buying a premade design Please add personalisation information during the checkout process. For Designs where more customisation information is required, you will recieve an email with a link to a form to collect it. I carry out the changes (this is included in the price.) The final artwork you recieve is a finished, personalised digital design. What can I cange? You can request changes to text and colours as standard. Custom alterations to the design (such as adding design elements, changing fonts etc ) can be requested but these may incur a charge. Any such requests should be included on the personalisation form so I can price the project accordingly. PLEASE NOTE -Layout tweeks may be made to allow for changes in length of text therefore please take care when approving the proofs.

Can I request add-ons?

Yes. You can request any additional design work or changes not listed with the design. Just select "I would like to discuss an add-on" option during checkout process and I will get in touch to discuss.

When will I recieve my Design?

Instant Download Design (Wix Template, Canva Template, Designs with no personalisations required) Products will be available within moments of completing your purchase!
Semi-custom Design (Designs requiring personalisation which ARE NOT templates) When you purchase a readymade design and provide me with personalisation information, you will receive your first design proof or preview within 1- 2 business days after I have all the required information to carry out changes. Please allow more time if you have purchased add-ons or requested further changes. You can then request any changes or revisions ( up to 2 rounds of revisions) or approve the proofs. When you give me the thumbs up I'l send over your finished files via email. (Usually within 24 hours of approval).

Who owns the rights to my design and how can I use it?

I reserve the rights to all premade branding designs. Premade designs are not one-of-a-kind designs and will be resold. You are free to use the designs for personal and commercial use to promote your brand or business. This includes the following: ✓ Use on Physical Products for promotional purposes. You may create physical end products such as, but not limited to, clothing, cards, invitations, stickers, mugs, stamps, posters, signs, etc. for promotional purposes but not for resale or wholesale ✓ Product Packaging : you may create physical or digital packaging of products for commercial use such as, but not limited to, labels, stickers, or containers, etc ✓ Digital Products ✓ Social Media , Marketing, and Advertisements ✓ Physical and Digital (Printed, Paid or Unpaid) Advertisements: Such as signage, printed advertisement, Internet advertisements such as advertisements served by Google Ads, Bings Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ad, etc. PROHIBITED USES ✗ Copyright: the designs (or a modification thereof) can not be claimed as your own designAll designs are created by me and can not be resold. ✗ Resale or Sub-Licensing of the Licensed Asset or any modification of it in a way that is directly competitive with the original Licensed Asset is strictly prohibited (e.g., as a stock asset or template). If you want to purchase a one of a kind design please contact me to discuss a custom project.


I offer branding and design services to the bold and ambitious. I can help you with a wide range of design services from web design to graphic design. I have over ten years of design experience. Get in touch to discuss a custom project or discuss buying a premade design. 

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