Classic Logo Set

Classic Logo Set

This traditional badge Logo set Includes a Logo, two alternate logo versions, and 2 business card designs. That's not all.. It's practical! I've included 2 branded templates for invoicing and quoting so you can take your customers through the buying process in style plus a referral card design to encourage referrals.

  • Logo Set

    Alternative logos 
    A set of 3 Logos.  

  • Logo Set + Business Card

    Option 1 + 

    • 2 Business Card Designs in 2 sizes ( Standard UK Size 85mm x 55mm or US size 88.9mm x 50.8mm)
    • Facebook Banner & Social media profile photo
    • 1 loyalty card design

    ⌓ 1 x Branded Invoice template (Microsoft Word)
    ⌓ 1 x Branded Estimate/quote template (Microsoft Word)
    ⌓ 1 Gift Card design
    ⌓ 1 x Branding Reference guide:
       - All Colour Information (Hex/RGB/CMYK) 
       - All font information
    ⌓ 2 Hours of my time in order to carry out all the website changes

  • Please Note

    • This is a digital product only. You will not receive any physical items.

    • Custom alterations (such as adding design elements, changing fonts etc ) may incur an additional charge. These should be discussed before any payment is made.

    • Add ons and more time extensive changes to the design can be requested. These will incur a charge. Please add details of any such requests on the personalisation form so I can address them when I get back in touch.

    • For Vector based design files, all fonts will be converted to outlines

    • Please allow for slight variations in colour depending on output (printer, monitors, etc) & layout (Tweeks may be made to allow for changes in length of text)
      Therefore please take care when approving the proofs.

    • This is not an instant download product. Once we have received your order we will customise the logo and send the first watermarked proof to you within 2 business days.

    • You will receive one round of revisions to your logo after the initial proof is sent to you.

    • You will receive PNG, JPG, PDF and EPS versions of each logo.

    • This is not a one-of-a-kind logo and will be resold.

Pre-Order Form
Special pre-order price of $20!
Limited edition colors available.




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