Why I use Wix and Editor X to build and host beautiful sites

Ok, so here's the thing, I'm not developer. I'm a front end kinda girl and frankly that's the way I like it. I want to design and build sites that look good, and perform well without getting caught up in the 0's and 1's of it all. This post outlines the reasons I use and recommend Wix and Editor X to build and host my sites.

Wix and Editor X website


Wix is a design-led builder with a customer base of over 100 million people. Ease of use is a key selling point. You can build a professional site without needing to add a single line of code (that said.. you can also add code to a Wix site to to enhance it's capabilities). It's reasonably priced, and its features list isn’t to be smirked at. It comprises of two areas: The dashboard, where you access all of your settings, manage your databases, products, etc. It’s straightforward to use, but still provides tons of tools and options for customisation. The ‘website editor’ is where you create and modify your web pages.

Both Wix and Editor X are drag-and-drop editors, which makes the web building process incredibly simple. You can insert, delete, and utilise a variety of website elements, widgets, and plugins all within a matter of clicks! You will find Wix at the top of many 'best all-rounder' lists and that's because it is an excellent all rounder.

Editor X

Editor X is a platform by Wix, created with the needs of web design professionals in mind. As such, it isn’t as user-friendly as Wix. For clients who want to be able to make more substantial changes to the design, there's a bit more to learn. However, being built on the foundation of Wix means it's still very user friendly so you have the flexibility to tweak content, replace images, or tackle larger branding changes without paying a designer or a developer! If it's just the content that you need to update then EditorX is pretty easy to get your head around. Even for the non technical.

It’s ideal for designers like myself who want the option of fully customising designs and breaking free of template led design. I use it for sites with more custom requirements and specific design requests that may not be achievable using a simpler website builder platform like Wix. The design freedom it gives is comparable to a more customisable platform like Wordpress. It can be most easily compared to Webflow (of which i'm a huge fan). In fact Editor X is similar to Webflow in allot of ways. Both are targeted at web design professionals, and they both use Flex Box Layout which allows responsive elements within a container to be automatically arranged depending upon screen size. Both Wix and Editor X have CMS capabilities (content management systems).

This is just a very brief overview and doesn't scratch the surface of what both platforms can offer in terms of features.


So i've said i'm more of a front end girl but like I also said.. it's important that sites don't just look good. They have to perform well and people have to be able to find them amongst the millions of websites out there.

Wix has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to SEO but the reasons behind this are outdated.

Wix has all the basic SEO features built in, and most of the advanced ones too.

Admittedly, I'm not an SEO expert, but Mark Preston is and he migrated his site from wordpress to Wix. You can learn why and what the migration did for his SEO on his post here. There are so many things which effect a sites SEO (there are levels to this SEO thing) and many are unrelated to the CMS of the site itself. Pagespeed is one ranking factor. Wix Turbo is just one of many innovations Wix provides to its customers as it continues to evolve. It's release means website load times are better than ever before, images are clearer, and site uptimes are more resilient. You will find many speed comparison tables online and some will cite Wix as Fast, others as slow. In my personal experience using Wix for my own and client websites, i've had no issues with speed.

Here is what I know about Wix SEO. It has/can do all of the following (and the majority of these are built in):