Custom Projects 

The Process

Booking me for a custom project means we work closely together to create designs that are one of a kind and specific to your businesses goals and needs. Every project is unique. Not to mention the creative process has a mind of its own! That said, whether you need a custom logo or a full branding project with a shiny new website, the process will entail some or all of the steps below.

The Process for a 4-6 week Branding + Website custom project

We've Spoken

We have a chat & start figuring out if I can help. We discuss what kind of an investment your making & what you’d like in return. I’ll send a proposal covering all the practical information you need before entering a contract. 

Payment & discovery

Once I've received a 50% Deposit. We can get into discovery. Where we get to the heart of your brand & I ask some probing questions.


I take all the captured info from discovery & produce a Brief, a non-visual snapshot of your brand. I refer back to this to inform my work & to keep decisions deliberate, goal oriented, + on brand.


Strategy & Design

Design Concepts

I serve up 3 design concepts. Tell me what you love & hate. Once we know the direction we are moving forward in visually I can start creating the brand guide.


After up to 3 rounds of revision.. you'll have a logo & variations. If you don't yet have a sitemap & wireframe we jump ahead a little to rectify that...

Brand Guide

Whilst I'm creating your brand guide you can prepare what we need for what comes next & pull together all your content. Images, video, text etc

Website Strategy

Your website should be designed around the content. We discuss the content & user journey & I create an initial sitemap. As we get clearer on the content this develops in to create a wireframe. I need you to get busy & get all the content together (copy, images, video, reviews, etc).  Once you have delivered all the content I have everything I need to finalise the design.


Site Build

You've signed off on the design, all that's left is taking it all from design to reality. I’m building the site.

We did it!

When It’s all done & you love it, I’ll deliver your final artwork design files via email. Site ownership will be transferred to. I won't leave you in the lurch. we can schedule a training session so you know how to use the site platform to add content or to make changes to your site.


I offer branding and design services to the bold and ambitious. I can help you with a wide range of design services from web design to graphic design. I have over ten years of design experience. Get in touch to discuss a custom project or discuss buying a premade design. 

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