By following these conditions we are able to co-create in a mutually successful process to get you the design you want most effectively. 

Defining the Brief

At the onset, we will discuss the brief & clarify the scope of work, format, concept etc. Once this has been agreed & the 50% deposit paid I will start work on the design. If the scope or brief change after design work has commenced we call this a change order. A Change order will incur further charges.

 Changes you request that fall within the initial brief are revisions.


Revisions are changes or to the in-progress design/concept. With each revision the design moves closer & closer to the final design. You have 3 rounds of revision.

One round of revisions:​

  • I submit designs for you to review

  • Compile your feedback & Provide me with all your feedback at one time.

  • I'll ask questions as needed & implement the changes before I submit new drafts for review.

If after 3 rounds of revisions you require further changes I will charge these at my hourly rate. £30ph  

Sign Off

Once you have signed off and approved the final designs. I will send them to you (in the format & within the time scale agreed in the brief/scope). Any changes after you have signed off on the final designs could be charged at my hourly rate. Any further support I provide after sign off in implementing designs after the project has been signed off.


50% of the deposit is non-refundable. If After the first round of revisions have been implemented, if you choose to submit a second round of revisions then the deposit is no longer refundable.


I offer branding and design services to the bold and ambitious. I can help you with a wide range of design services from web design to graphic design. I have over ten years of design experience. Get in touch to discuss a custom project or discuss buying a premade design. 

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